Former Officers



President—Arielle Smith

Vice President—Alexis Apparicio

Secretary—Taylor Savage

Treasurer— Kandace Jemison

Historian— Ke'Asha Reed

Sargeant-At-Arms— Gabrielle Douglas

Membership Chairman—Valerie Terrell

Chaplain—Carrissa Mavec

Graduate Advisor—Valery Tarver


Fall Semester 2015

President—Alexis Apparicio

Vice President—Paricia Benson

Secretary—Erika Armstead

Treasurer— Kiera Fletcher

Historian— Leah Brown

Sargeant-At-Arms— Gabrielle Douglas

Membership Chairman—Valerie Terrell

Chaplain—Kaitlin Wilson

Graduate Advisor—Valery Tarver

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Updated: 12/19/2017


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